San Diego Wedding Photographer | Stone Brewery, Escondido, CA

cewb-1This couple wanted a smaller, more affordable wedding in their hometown of San Diego, California. So they opted for a lovely garden wedding at the Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens in Escondido, California where the beer flowed freely and the hugs were just as genuine.

Perfectly coordinated by Day of Love; dazzlingly adorned by their sister company, Branches. This gorgeous wedding shines as one of the best Stone Brewery weddings we’ve ever photographed.

Friends, please enjoy this beautiful brewery wedding.

 cewb-2cewsbs1cewb-7cewsbs2cewsbs3cewb-10cewsbs5cewb-14cewsbs4cewsbs6cewb-20cewsbs7All floral provided by Branches, A Floral Studio in Rancho Bernardo, California.


cewb-33cewsbs9cewb-21cewb-37cewsbs10cewb-26cewsbs11cewb-27cewsbs12cewsbs13The bride, her sister and her dad coordinated with matching Converse.

cewb-47cewsbs14cewb-48cewsbs16cewb-50cewsbs17cewb-52cewsbs20cewb-56cewsbs21cewb-61cewsbs22cewb-67cewsbs23cewb-68cewsbs24cewsbs26cewb-59cewsbs28cewsbs30cewb-76cewsbs31cewb-79cewb-89cewsbs35cewb-84cewsbs38cewb-87cewb-40cewsbs40cewb-41cewb-88cewsbs41cewb-91cewb-92cewsbs45cewb-95cewb-96cewsbs60cewb-98cewsbs50cewb-101cewsbs52cewb-104Such a great day for a really wonderful couple… a wonderful group actually. I really had a fantastic time with everyone at this wedding!

I hope this finds all of you happy and ready for the week!