Orange County Wedding Photographer | An Orange Circle Engagement

mmb-4Almost 2 years ago now I met Molly and Greg at Justin and Sara’s wedding and immediately I was practically stuffing business cards in her pockets hoping that, when the time eventually came, we could photograph their engagement. So imagine the level of happy screaming that came on the day Molly told me they got engaged and we were being hired for the photography and videography… I think for a few moments, only dogs could hear me.

Now, here we are, 6 months away from the big day and I just had to share a few snaps from their absolutely lovely Downtown Orange engagement session…

Ladies and Gents,

Molly & Greg

mmsbs1mmb-1mmsbs2mmb-7mmb-8mmsbs3mmb-10mmsbs4mmb-14mmsbs5mmb-17mmsbs6mmb-20mmsbs7mmb-23mmsbs8mmb-24mmsbs9mmb-34mmsbs10mmb-37mmsbs11mmb-41mmsbs13mmsbs14mmb-44Yep… straight up brought them out into the middle of the road. Well, technically, it was their idea.

I hope this is finding everyone out there happy and healthy and ready for the steady roll back down the hill towards the weekend.

Happy Hump Day all!!!