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sjb-1The very first wedding I ever photographed was for a “Shelby and Jon” so it seems fitting that one of my last weddings as a San Diego resident would also be a “Shelby and Jon” wedding.

Shelby and Jon had a very simple wedding back in early June that they dubbed as a “Jewish lite” event. They asked that we take a photojournalistic approach (minimize the portraits guys) as they tied the knot in a very relaxed and family-filled way. It was a very sweet and joyous day with a lot of personal moments, a really adorable dog named “Squirrel” and some surprising snafus that made it seriously hard to choose just a few snaps for their preview.

A lot of their day was comprised of around-the-corner private moments and simple group shots that have no place in a blog like this one, so I’ve left them out. They didn’t really have a “first look” per-se and they didn’t really have any of the traditional reception events, so this blog post consists mostly of the shots I really loved in order of time they were taken… Why post a blog like this one? Because it made me smile.

Friends and Family,

Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel’s Parents




sjb-9sjbsbs4sjb-10sjb-14sjbsbs5sjb-17sjbsbs6sjb-20sjb-21sjbsbs7sjb-24sjbsbs8sjbsbs9sjb-29sjbsbs10sjb-32sjbsbs11sjbsbs12sjbsbs13sjb-40sjbsbs14sjb-37sjbsbs15sjbsbs16sjb-46sjb-52sjbsbs17sjb-51sjbsbs18sjb-54sjbsbs19sjbsbs20sjbsbs21sjbsbs23sjb-64It was a very good, rewarding and eventful day. I can’t express enough gratitude and love to the friends and family at this wedding who helped us find all these great shots as we worked without a timeline for the first time in a while.

I have to say that I’m going to miss photographing weddings in So. Cal… It’s not that I’m going to stop photographing weddings but that California weddings have an extra sense of fun and excitement in them that I rarely find anywhere else. I’m going to miss couples looking at me and saying, “just document the day as you see it, there’s no timeline.” That truly relaxed and vehemently San Diego way of being, I’m really going to miss it all.

So, aside from that I am desperately plugging away at bits and pieces here and there. It’s been super hard getting it all done but I hope the random blog posts and sincere gratitude help with the whole being-patient-with-me thing. Know that I am grateful <3

Much love to you!


Shelby and Jon were married at The Martin Johnson House on the campus of UCSD

Dress: BHLDN

Photobooth: Pixster

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