cewb-1This couple wanted a smaller, more affordable wedding in their hometown of San Diego, California. So they opted for a lovely garden wedding at the Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens in Escondido, California where the beer flowed freely and the hugs were just as genuine.

Perfectly coordinated by Day of Love; dazzlingly adorned by their sister company, Branches. This gorgeous wedding shines as one of the best Stone Brewery weddings we’ve ever photographed.

Friends, please enjoy this beautiful brewery wedding.

 cewb-2cewsbs1cewb-7cewsbs2cewsbs3cewb-10cewsbs5cewb-14cewsbs4cewsbs6cewb-20cewsbs7All floral provided by Branches, A Floral Studio in Rancho Bernardo, California.


cewb-33cewsbs9cewb-21cewb-37cewsbs10cewb-26cewsbs11cewb-27cewsbs12cewsbs13The bride, her sister and her dad coordinated with matching Converse.

cewb-47cewsbs14cewb-48cewsbs16cewb-50cewsbs17cewb-52cewsbs20cewb-56cewsbs21cewb-61cewsbs22cewb-67cewsbs23cewb-68cewsbs24cewsbs26cewb-59cewsbs28cewsbs30cewb-76cewsbs31cewb-79cewb-89cewsbs35cewb-84cewsbs38cewb-87cewb-40cewsbs40cewb-41cewb-88cewsbs41cewb-91cewb-92cewsbs45cewb-95cewb-96cewsbs60cewb-98cewsbs50cewb-101cewsbs52cewb-104Such a great day for a really wonderful couple… a wonderful group actually. I really had a fantastic time with everyone at this wedding!

I hope this finds all of you happy and ready for the week!

ssb-1So… funny story. Saba and Sirak were sent to me by some of my favorite clients, Jenna and Cameron; but I didn’t know it.

So we’re tooling around Balboa Park together, it’s our first time actually hanging out… and I’m just having a blast! We’re dancing and joking and talking about the park (because, little known fact, I have my degree in Art History and used to work in Balboa Park before I traded that job for the one I have now), all the things I really just love about my job…. and the pictures were wonderful and genuine and I’m just thanking the universe for such an awesome couple.

Later I post a sneak to Instagram and, low and behold who should comment? Jenna! This is how I found out out Saba and Sirak found me! Now I’m even MORE excited!!! Wedding is on April 7th friends!!!! I just cannot wait.

Until then, here’s their magical engagement session at Balboa Park.


ssb-2sssbs1ssb-5sssbs2ssb-8sssbs3ssb-12sssbs4ssb-14sssbs7sssbs5ssb-18sssbs9ssb-22Sometimes being a San Diego wedding photographer can be super competitive and a little taxing on the creative muscle… but then you get really awesome clients that make things fun and artistic and want you to just do you, it really brings the joy back and I’m so grateful for that.

Thank you Saba and Sirak for a really lovely afternoon, I can’t wait for your wedding day!!!


enb-1Last May we had the absolute honor to photograph this truly beautiful wedding day held at Heritage Park in Old Town San Diego. The Jacarandas were in full bloom, our favorite coordinator was on duty with us, the sky was as clear as crystal… And with the most blissfully in love couple at the helm, we really could not have asked for a better wedding to photograph.

Friends, enjoy your Monday with this amazing love story.



ensbs20enb-58ensbs24enb-76ensbs26enb-61enb-65ensbs22ensbs23enb-71enb-73enb-78enb-79ensbs30enb-81enb-20ensbs28enb-23ensbs29enb-84ensbs32enb-85enb-90ensbs31enb-92enb-95ensbs33enb-98ensbs34enb-101ensbs35enb-105ensbs37enb-108ensbs40enb-112enb-113ensbs43enb-116ensbs44ensbs45enb-121ensbs47enb-123enb-127ensbs49enb-128This is what pure happiness and joy looks like…

I hope this post finds everyone enjoy the start to this week and for everyone on spring break, have an exciting time off!


Dressing Venue for bride: The Layfayette Hotel

Wedding Venue: Heritage Park in Old Town San Diego

Coordinated by the fabulous Robyn at Holly Kalkin Weddings


The Moller Family is another one of the many families we had book us for our Holiday Special this past December and their photos came out so good, I had to share them. Their adorable children were so incredibly well behaved, mom came out in the most perfect pink skirt (I really want one), the weather was wonderfully diffused and we all just had a great time on the cliffs. The results were as excellent as the afternoon! Hopefully I get to photograph this beautiful family again this year.

Friends and family,

The Mollers

mfsbs1mfb-3mfb-5mfsbs2mfb-9mfsbs3mfb-12mfsbs7mfb-15mfsbs8mfb-18mfb-19mfsbs9mfb-20mfsbs10mfb-25mfsbs12mfb-28mfsbs14mfb-31mfb-32mfb-33mfsbs17mfb-34Please PLEASE call us again next year, Moller Family! You were such a joy to work with. The most fun family sessions are with families that really love to just spend the time together, and I thank them for inviting us along.

Have a happy Hump Day everyone!


new-34Nicole and Earnest were married on a fairly gray Saturday afternoon in late May of last year at the Marina Village. The air was cool and the company was truly excited to see these two tie the knot, tears were welling up long before Nicole even left for the Marina.

Married on the South Lawn and received in the Spinnaker Room, Nicole and Earnest decorated the space with lovely pastels and lots of wild flowers. A very lovely wedding for a truly lovely couple!

Coming up on their first wedding anniversary soon, let’s all throw some joy and happiness at these beautiful humans.


Nicole and Earnest.

nesbs4neb-4nesbs1neb-8nesbs2nesbs3nesbs5neb-12nesbs7neb-14nebsbs8neb-16neb-18nesbs9neb-22nesbs10neb-26nesbs11new-198nesbs12neb-27nesbs6neb-31nesbs13neb-34nesbs14neb-37nesbs15neb-40nesbs16neb-43neb-45nesbs17neb-48nesbs18neb-52nesbs19neb-55neb-56nesbs20neb-59neb-60nesbs22neb-64nesbs21neb-66nesbs23neb-70nesbs25neb-72neb-73nesbs26nesbs30neb-81nesbs31nesbs32neb-91nesbs33nesbs35neb-90A gorgeous wedding for gorgeous people!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


Getting ready site: Hyatt Regency Mission Bay

Wedding Venue: San Diego’s Marina Village

mjb-1It was a gorgeous day in May…

mjsbs1mjb-4mjb-5mjsbs2mjsbs3mjsbs4mjb-13mjb-14mjsbs5mjb-18mjsbs6mjb-21mjsbs7mjb-24mjb-25mjsbs8mjb-28mjsbs9mjb-30mjsbs11mjsbs10mjb-36mjsbs32mjb-39mjsbs12mjsbs13mjsbs14mjb-46mjsbs15mjb-49mjsbs17mjb-53mjsbs18mjsbs19mjb-58mjsbs20mjsbs21mjsbs22mjb-66mjsbs23mjb-68mjsbs24mjb-71mjsbs25mjb-75mjsbs34mjsbs36mjb-82mjsbs26mjb-85mjsbs27mjb-88mjb-89mjsbs28mjb-92mjsbs29mjb-96mjb-105mjb-97mjb-98mjsbs30mjb-101mjb-104Geoff and May’s gorgeous elopement in Coronado, California was simply lovely. A model for the perfect small wedding, absolutely.

Ceremony: Bayview Park

Reception: Il Fornaio

Dress: David’s Bridal

Cake, flowers, favors, and pretty much anything else you see here was made with love by Geoff’s very talented mother and aunt.

Happy Wedding Wednesday to all those planning couples out there!


tsfb-2I met Lindsay and her lovely family (of three back then!) through my parent’s church group in Rancho Penasquitos. My parents thought it would be good for us to meet because our daughters are about the same age and are both in the Rady Children’s Hospital Network. Well, the girls enjoyed their time together immensely and Lindsay and I made all these plans to get them back together for another playdate… Sadly our schedules are so insanely different that it wasn’t until The Smiths had their second baby, Christopher, we were able to meet up again for this family photoshoot in Old Town San Diego.

It was a perfectly gorgeous day with a fantastically fun family! The sun was warm but not too hot, the kids were happy and the courtyard outside the Whaley House was absolutely bare. It was a lovely little morning with my friends! I miss you guys! We need to hang out again soon.



tsfsbs2tsfb-8tsfsbs7tsfb-17tsfsbs5tsfb-24tsfsbs8tsfsbs9tsfsbs10tsfb-25tsfsbs11tsfsbs12tsfb-38tsfsbs13tsfb-34tsfsbs16tsfsbs17tsfb-37tsfsbs19tsfb-41I love families <3 Always wish I had more time in my schedule to photograph them.

Well it’s off to another week in the sun for me! I hope you are all happy and healthy as you make your way through today.

Happy Tuesday!


eab-6Esther and Alphonso were married on a Thursday at the Coronado Cays Yacht Club in Coronado, Ca. It was a bright and sunny day filled with clear skies and happy faces, a wonderful day to just sit and enjoy two people profess their love for each other. Lots and lots of laughter… I can’t really emphasize this enough, but I’m sure the photos will tell that story on their own.

We had the awesome opportunity to work this wedding with the lovely Selina Rose Wedding Coordination, a superbly supportive coordinator that I highly recommend checking out if you still haven’t found one yet.


Esther and Alphonso



Esther wore her mother’s wedding dress for the ceremony




Gondola ride provide by the Gondola Company of Coronado

eab-100The whole day was just a whirlwind of activity, I don’t think I sat for the entire 8 hours! It was such fun and Esther was the most beautiful bride… What a day! Can we do it again?

Just a few more dates left in our 2017 calendar!!! Hopefully we will have the chance to photograph your wedding next <3

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone!


mmb-4Almost 2 years ago now I met Molly and Greg at Justin and Sara’s wedding and immediately I was practically stuffing business cards in her pockets hoping that, when the time eventually came, we could photograph their engagement. So imagine the level of happy screaming that came on the day Molly told me they got engaged and we were being hired for the photography and videography… I think for a few moments, only dogs could hear me.

Now, here we are, 6 months away from the big day and I just had to share a few snaps from their absolutely lovely Downtown Orange engagement session…

Ladies and Gents,

Molly & Greg

mmsbs1mmb-1mmsbs2mmb-7mmb-8mmsbs3mmb-10mmsbs4mmb-14mmsbs5mmb-17mmsbs6mmb-20mmsbs7mmb-23mmsbs8mmb-24mmsbs9mmb-34mmsbs10mmb-37mmsbs11mmb-41mmsbs13mmsbs14mmb-44Yep… straight up brought them out into the middle of the road. Well, technically, it was their idea.

I hope this is finding everyone out there happy and healthy and ready for the steady roll back down the hill towards the weekend.

Happy Hump Day all!!!



At my initial meeting with Alicia, Andy couldn’t make it so it was just us gals at the Starbucks late one Tuesday evening talking about weddings. Alicia had accidentally left her phone at home for our meeting but, it was just a quick chat so she was comfortable without it for the hour. Well…  we got so wrapped up in our conversation that we went well past the hour and suddenly I received a text from Alicia’s phone, “Hi, this is Andy Alicia’s fiancé. She left her phone and I haven’t heard from her, I just want to check that she’s ok.”

I looked up from my phone and as I passed it over to her I remember saying something like, “please book me.” The rest is jam and peanut butter on bread…

Friends, meet Alicia and Andy.

aaesbs1aaeblog-3aaesbs3aaeblog-5aaesbs2aaeblog-12aaesbs4aaeblog-13aaesbs5aaeblog-16aaesbs6aaeblog-18aaesbs7aaeblog-22aaesbs8aaesbs9aaeblog-27aaesbs10aaeblog-30aaeblog-31aaesbs11aaeblog-32aaesbs12aaeblog-34aaesbs13aaeblog-38aaesbs14aaeblog-42aaesbs16aaeblog-44aaesbs18aaeblog-51aaesbs19aaeblog-56aaesbs20aaeblog-54aaesbs22aaeblog-59aaesbs23aaesbs27aaeblog-63aaeblog-62This absolutely fantastically wonderful couple is tying the knot at Old Town’s beautiful Heritage Park this June and I just cannot wait!!!! It’s going to be the sweetest little shindig, I mean look at these two… I’m am so crazy excited for this summer’s wedding season!!!!

Happy Monday to you all! My family is struggling to drag me out the door so…




2016 was a hard year for my poor old lady body (I’m not that old) and after two ankle injuries, a sciatica injury and two overseas trips one of which resulted in a death-esque flu haunting my family for the better part of three weeks… I decided it was time to finally take a break. I mean, it has been about 3 years since I’d really taken any time for myself… so it was time.

It is not easy for a photographer to take a break. What with the constant ebb and flow of social media, the incessant demands of Instagram and it’s counterparts, wave after wave of life event flowing into your inbox FINALLY and not wanting to turn a single one down… even just the fact that I’ve been working 50+ hours a week for so long! Stopping will make you antsy, let’s be honest. It took me at least a week just to calm down enough to sit. But once I figured it out and really put butt to chair, I immediately realized that a break was very much essential to me continuing onward.

In 2016 I, somehow, squeaked our family by (sometimes on breadcrumbs) with photography and way too many freelance projects while my husband finished the big tough year in his bachelor career in music composition. It wasn’t easy, I cried a little not gonna lie. My brother helped me way too much… he still helps me way too much. He’s such a fantastic photographer and sibling, I do not deserve him.

Anyway… I really have another post for the “everyone is amazing!” rant, and it’s coming. This one is just not it.

So… I’m stressed, I’m losing hair, I’m getting sick… Aaron finishes the hard times of his bachelors and I’m released from being the “sole breadwinner” (Aaron was still working a little). I start that sh$% with a nice long break…

On my break I used the time to go on local excursions to take some landscape photos for stock photography. Stock photography is a great way to make a little extra side cash every once in a while when you’re trying to get by or just trying to take some time off. It’s not hard, there’s about a dozen sites to sell from. You wont make much at first but every once in a while you get lucky, don’t be discouraged if it takes a few months. Start before you plan on taking any breaks;)

So I’m about to return to the world of husslin’ and I wanted to stop and share some of the landscape photos I’ve taken in my time off. I’m sure a few are from before my break but, whatever… Hahaha! They were pretty and I couldn’t really remember. In total I’ve been (mostly) off since December 23, 2016 so it’s been a minute.

I feel like it’s been extremely important to me, as an artist, to take this time for myself and I encourage everyone (especially artists as they work pretty much all the time) to save money, make arrangements, and take the same time for yourselves too. The “artistic burden” can be lonely, frustrating and often times damaging to the psyche… But, with a little time after a long (oh my gosh LONG) period of hard work, you will feel renewed and ready to jump back in for the next big step.

Here’s to the leap.




All the photos you see here were taken in the beautiful county of San Diego, California.

Happy Friday everyone <3