Balboa Park Engagement Session | San Diego Wedding Photographer

ssb-1So… funny story. Saba and Sirak were sent to me by some of my favorite clients, Jenna and Cameron; but I didn’t know it.

So we’re tooling around Balboa Park together, it’s our first time actually hanging out… and I’m just having a blast! We’re dancing and joking and talking about the park (because, little known fact, I have my degree in Art History and used to work in Balboa Park before I traded that job for the one I have now), all the things I really just love about my job…. and the pictures were wonderful and genuine and I’m just thanking the universe for such an awesome couple.

Later I post a sneak to Instagram and, low and behold who should comment? Jenna! This is how I found out out Saba and Sirak found me! Now I’m even MORE excited!!! Wedding is on April 7th friends!!!! I just cannot wait.

Until then, here’s their magical engagement session at Balboa Park.


ssb-2sssbs1ssb-5sssbs2ssb-8sssbs3ssb-12sssbs4ssb-14sssbs7sssbs5ssb-18sssbs9ssb-22Sometimes being a San Diego wedding photographer can be super competitive and a little taxing on the creative muscle… but then you get really awesome clients that make things fun and artistic and want you to just do you, it really brings the joy back and I’m so grateful for that.

Thank you Saba and Sirak for a really lovely afternoon, I can’t wait for your wedding day!!!