100 Unique and Fun Engagement Photo Ideas |

100 Unique and Fun Engagement Photo Ideas |

Why Get Engagement Photos done at all?

 Excitement is in the air, you just got engaged to the love of your life!  You are on a roll, you have a date set, a venue picked out and even the dress.  Now its time to find your photographer, this can be a pretty overwhelming task.  Often times engagement sessions can be extremely helpful in making sure that you pick the photographer that best fits you and your fiances unique personality and style. Engagement photos are so important, they allow you to tell your love story, the story of how your love grew, your unique style as a couple, what you normally wear, where you like to hang out together, what you like to do, what brings you close together. You and your fiancé have probably never had “professional” photographs taken together (like ever).  Sure, on your wedding day you will have hundreds of photos taken, but you will also be dressed up in a wedding dress and your groom will be in a suit, What about capturing the “everyday you”, that’s where engagement sessions come in, they allow you to be in your own personal style of clothing, doing a past time together, visiting a favorite hang-out you had while dating or partake in a hobby, having a pic-nic with favorite food or even hanging out at home. Engagement Photos are always so much fun when you turn them into your wedding invitations! Be Sure to check out our all time favorite place to make amazing invites that are sure to wow everyone!


What the heck is a Themed Engagement Session? 

Rather than having the traditional and standard portraits, it allows the opportunity of telling the story of your love.  When we meet with couples and start planning their engagement session we ask them, “if you could anything together one day what would you do together”.  For example, if a couple said they would make pancakes in the morning, go on a walk with their dogs and pick flowers, we would go with it.  Start in the kitchen with fun pancake making, then hit the trails with the dogs and capture intimate moments of the couple picking flowers and playing with the dogs.  If a couple met in college or high school, and they like to go to local breweries and watch football, we might have them start at the college they met, go to special spots they have memories together at, then hit the brewery  grab a few beers and some snacks and watch a game.  When you are in locations, doing things you love to do together the photographs turn out amazing, just think of all the fun photos you would have to hang in your home and place in your photo books for years to come!

 *All of the photographs on this top 100 themed engagement list are from couples that our studio, “Studio Sequoia” has shot over the last few years, have fun getting ideas from work that we have done with our brides and grooms to be for your special engagement session day!

The Outdoor Lover


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1.  Romantic Pic-Nic  Pic-nics are a great idea for engagement sessions.  Don’t just assume you have to go with the traditional checkered white and red table cloth and pic nic basket with sandwiches and chips.  Pic- nics can have any type of snacks you like to eat.  You could have two bottles of your favorite soda, a bowl of grapes and a slice of cake, go with what you like and what matches your color theme and style.

2.  Camping/hammock Camping is so much fun and involves so many fun and interesting props that make for a one of a kind session.  You can go from one extreme to the other with vintage camping items or could even make a cute crafty DIY style camping set up in your backyard or local park with felt made campfire and a tent made out of sticks and a bed sheet.  You could even hang up a hammock to snuggle with your love.

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3.  Build a Sandcastle story telling is key in engagement photos, why not build a sandcastle with the love of your life.  You will soon be building your new life together, this can symbolize in a fun and playful manor the life you are building together and the wonderful journey you are on together!

4.  Go Tide pooling Discovering creatures, finding colorful seashells and watching the waves crash against the rocks as you snuggle together and watch the sunset, what a beautiful session that would be.


5.  Go Sailing What could be more romantic than to set sail with a bottle of champagne and a sunset? Don’t know how to sail or have access to a boat?  Canoe, paddle boat… anything on water will do and will be simply adorable.  Morning sunrise of afternoon sunset on the water, can you say beautiful reflections?

6.  Pick Fruit thats in season you and your sweetheart with wicker baskets in hand in a field picking apples, strawberries, oranges?  This would offer a fun and colorful photo shoot with some nature and fun! Afterwards maybe have a romantic pic-nic and feed each other some of your fruit you picked together.

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7.  Play in snow Who doesn’t love building a snowman, having a snowball fight or riding down a hill on a sled?  Afterwards you and your honey could snuggle up to a fireplace drinking hot cocoa.

8.  Pick Flowers together Spring has sprung and love is in the air. Picture yourself in a beautiful field of wildflowers with the love or your life running around, picking flowers and having a pic-nic among the colorful flowers, think alice in wonderland style with the sun shining down from above.

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9.   Go Fishing Out on the lake, shore, beach, pier or stream fish together, have some laughs and maybe even hook a 10 pounder.  Either way you two will have a lot of fun being together and making memories.

10.  Take a hike Have a trail that you both love to take?  Does it have a waterfall, view of the ocean or breathtaking view at the peak, catching the details of nature along the trail would be so fun.

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11.  Horse ride Take a romantic ride on horseback or pay a visit to the stables, this is a rustic natural shoot with a kick of personality and style.

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12.  Fly a kite Who said only kids should fly kites.  By revisiting childhood activities it can bring a fun and unexpected twist to being with that special someone.  Flying a kite provides fun and memorable moments that can be captured forever, they did sweep you off your feet right?

13. Stargaze together In a truck bed, on a house deck or in a tent, snuggle with the one you love and sip on hot cocoa while having a quiet and romantic night.

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14. Farm/Greenhouse Being on a farm or in a Greenhouse is wonderful because it surrounds you with unique items.  Have fun hiding and posing near and behind plants, crops or farm equipment.  Barns and stables make for a wonderful backdrop for intimate and timeless portraits.

The Foodie

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 15. Candle lit dinner Are you and your fiance foodies to the core, but are looking for a quiet and secluded intimate photo session, why not bring the food outside and set up a little table with chairs and candles.  This turned out really fun, be sure eat a meaningful meal, maybe a food from one of your first dates, or even from the night he popped the question!

16. Food fight If you and your fiance are crazy and wild people what could be more fun than a food fight, come on, you know you have always wanted to have one!  Grab some colorful and fun foods and bring on the battle, this will make for unique, colorful and candid photos you will remember for ever!

17. Candy shop  Candy shops are so colorful and often times when adults go back to childhood memories or places we get really fun candid moments and smiles, this is one sweet idea.

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18. Decorate Cupcakes and Cookies Love to decorate sweets with your sweeties, this could be fun.

19. Ice Cream Who doesn’t love ice cream? You can take this idea so many places, from having a candid moment on a walk where you know the ice cream man pays visits with his truck, or you could head to a local mom and pop shop to grab a few cones, or even head to a 50′s dinner for a fun backdrop that throws back vintage style.

20. Brewery Tour If you are the beer type, why not have a brew centered session?  Ask if you can have permission to shoot at the brewery near the machines, or perhaps they have a hop garden or nice bar set up.

21.  Wine brunch pic-nic  Like the low key relaxed idea of toasting with some wine and snacking on some fruit, crackers and cheese for an early morning brunch, then this could work for you.


22. Sweet desserts pic-nic Skip the main course and head right to the sweets!  Do you both have a sweet tooth, why not grab some extravagant, colorful and fun desserts and have a 5 star dessert pic-nic.

23. Cook together Do you spend a lot of time together in the kitchen whipping up homemade meals?  Everyones kitchen is unique and it expresses a lot of your personality, choose a dish that you both love to cook or bake and go with it, make it from beginning to end, and cuddle in between, can you say rainy day shoot?

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24. Local Coffee shop If you are both coffee addicts head over to your local coffee shop and take fun shots while sipping on some joe and munching on a muffin.  Love to take your dog with you and sip on coffee outside, go with it.  Often times when documenting things you do together as a couple you can feel relaxed and in your element, which means candid and adorable photos of your love.

25.  Farmers Market Are you foodies that love to spend time at the local farmers markets grabbing colorful and fresh veggies and fruits?  Grab your shopping basket and head to the market, shop for a while, then grab a snack from a local cook you love that sells at the market, and if time permits, head home and make a meal with the goodies you grabbed while shopping.

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26.  BBQ time If you both look forward to summer time so you can finally take out the grill and make burgers and corn on the cob with homemade lemonade, then slipping on your aprons and setting up that colorful table cloth on the backyard table is what you need.

27. 50′s Diner Diners can be such a wonderful place for a photo shoot if it is permitted, be sure to check with the location before the day of the shoot.  The vintage feel that memorabilia offers creates a special and unique backdrop with you to work with, and can create so many memorable photos you will treasure forever.

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The Sports Fanatics

28. Play ball If you love sports of any kind, baseball, basketball, football etc.  than this is for you two.  Grab you ball and head out to the field or court, wear your fav team jerseys and just have a ball!

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29. Pool at a bar Do you love going to your local dive bar on a friday night together and enjoy cheap beer and endless games of pool?  Bars offer a unique style that can be colorful with neon lights and the excitement of the game, so many bar shot ideas as well as pool playing, and even a jukebox, fun times!

30. Mini golf You may not have played mini golf since you were 10, or since your first started dating, but revisiting locations that you have not been at in years, create the perfect layout for candid fun all night long!

31. Watch the game Just love hanging at home on game day, whipping up your favorite snacks and drinks?  Snuggle with your honey and watch the game, wear your jerseys, cheering for different teams is even fun!

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32. Go on a Bike ride Tandem or not bike riding has always been a wonderful past time for couples of all ages.  Why not dust off your bike and hit the road.  There are so many fun places you can ride your bike together at, and the photos can be made really fun due to the fact of movement.  If you really love the tandem idea, but don’t own one, consider renting, this can be a fun memory and photo shoot you will always remember!

33. Surfing Do you both love the excitement and thrill of chasing that wave?  Grab your boards and head to the beach, from the boards on your bike or car to running to water and catching the wave this can be awesome.

34. Bowling It seems that bowling has been totally forgotten when it comes to photo shoot ideas.  This can be extremely fun even if you are not on a league.  Often times things that you have not done as a couple in a long time turn out the most fun, because of the candid moments.

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35. Runners Tri-atheltes and runners that go in marathons always come away with shirts a and medals, why not show them off finally. Take photos together with them.

The World Travelers

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36. Train station These locations can be crazy romantic, just standing near the train depot, or by a passing train, or even walking tracks or sitting near them with suitcases, make for amazing photos!

37. Car road trip If you love hitting the road and traveling the country, why not grab some old maps, back your car as if you were road tripping and reenact the fun of the open road.

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38. Airplane photos Often times you can find fun planes at outdoor museums, and by going during the week on less busy days it can be fun.

39. Vintage car/truck If you are a car nut, this is a fun idea, take your car or truck to breathtaking areas and shoot, or make a story board of going somewhere together.

40. Airport The airport has the fun element of bright lights and lots of motion this could be fun both vintage and modern.

50. Ferry Being on the ferry in a major city allows you to capture both movement and the breathtaking skyline of the city.

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51. Trolly San Fran or San Diego, where ever you are the trolly adds a nice pop of color, night time shots of this can be extremely interesting and fun. Head down town and do a night time shoot with the sky scrappers and be sure to time the trolly into the photo shoot.

 The Artistic/Crafty Couple

52. Street graffiti I can’t say enough about graffiti, its so awesome.  It offers an edgy and urban style that has a pop of color and excitement.  There are so many locations to do this, under bridges, on buildings down town in the city, in alleys and even on trains and abandoned items in desert areas, you could just go downtown and stop where you come upon it!

53. Paint or chalk fight Colorful and candid is all I have to say about this one, throw some music on and have at it, action shots are a blast.

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54. Picture framed This is ridiculous fun, head to your local thrift store and grab as many unique picture frames you can find, be sure they are big enough to fit both of you and a few for only one of you.  Head all over town framing yourselves in places that are meaningful to you, have a blast with this be creative.

55. Vintage camera Everyone loves taking pictures, make it vintage fun, take photos of the photo taking process this can be interesting.

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56. Become Art Studied art history in school and can’t get those famous works of art out of your head?  Set up ridiculously fun re creations of your all time favorites all over town, have a blast!

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57. Make candles Like the hands on approach to things, go to your local candle store, sometimes near tourist areas they offer the option of making your own candle.

58. Draw with chalk Hop scotch, love notes and hearts with you initials, there are so many directions you can take this one.

59. Create a space Let your imaginations run wild, create you own world, make yourself fly, or be super heros, the sky is the limit.

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Out of the Box Ideas 

60. Tattoo Shop Is ink a passion that you both have, get a matching tattoo together, or ask if you can get some shots in the parlor you got your tattoos at.

61. Nighttime This takes a little more time and set up ahead of time, but night time photos can offer a dramatic style for sure.

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62. Underwater This is getting more popular, it can take place at the beach or even in a pool that is deep enough, the trick is finding a photographer with the right underwater gear, but it can be done.

63. Collections /Hobbies Do the two of you have an interesting collection or hobby that you spend a lot of time working on together, making robotics, collecting artwork, home brewing whatever it may be by bringing that thing that brings you both close together into the shoot it tells a wonderful story of how you spend time with the one you love.

64.  Inside out  Take a living room or bedroom outside, it sounds crazy, but turns out amazing every time!

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65. Picture perfect  Do you both absolutely love a movie, tv show or play replicate memorable moments from the show that you loved.

66. Stage comedy or Reenactment of Dating Milestones This is really out of the box, but for the couple that wants a really meaningful and unique engagement shoot, its for you! Tell a story, funny, memorable, or just do a montage of important milestones in your relationship, from the first date to popping the question, it can be so much fun and is limitless with ideas.

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67. Poetic Love Write a poem or short story about each other and act it out story book style with photos you take on your photo shoot.

68. Our style  Do what you do, everyday, its your unique relationship.  Set up a stage and document all the fun things you love doing together, from drinking coffee to going to the beach.


69. Toy store Going back to childhood memories always brings on smiles, head to a small mom and pop toy store and with permission have fun in there and grab some candid moments.

70. Vintage Style  get thrifty or antique store crazy. For the couple that is all about vintage this can be unique and interesting, but do get an ok from the store owner first.

71. Circus/Carnival Colorful fun rides, food and games, what more could a couple ask for.  A stroll at a carnival would allow you the chance to be spontaneous.

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72. Magic Show Head over to a magic show at a park or on the streets.  Or even make your own little magic show in your backyard or at a nearby park.

73. Neon lights The element of light is often forgotten when it comes to engagement photos, head downtown, or to the county fair and become part of the environment.

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74. Board game Head to the local park or your kitchen table and have a board game party.  Bust our your all time favorites and get your game face on.

The Music or Movie Buffs

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75. Dance Dance in your living room, at the public fountain or at a party.  Dancing has so many variations in location, style, clothing and emotion.  Be sure to do what you are comfortable with and you are sure to get some breathtaking candid moments of affection.

76. Movie Theater If going to see the new blockbuster is your favorite pastime, then see if you local movie theater would be ok wit you taking a few photos in between shows in the empty theater.  Grab some shots outside with the billboard and be sure to grab a few with your favorite movie snacks.

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77. Music Lovers   Sing to each other, play instruments for each other. Simple, sweet and romantic. Maybe follow with a pic nic or stroll on the beach.

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78. 99 cent style  Go to your local 99 cent store and grab some fun and random props.  Balloons, masks, water guns anything. Props help folks to relax in front of the camera and have a good time.

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79. Love Records If you are into vinyl grab a vintage style record player and head for a pic nic or even a dance in a secluded area, romantic and memorable.

80. Lyric Centered You love music and could set your entire dating time together to a soundtrack.  why not use lyrics to show your love for each other in fun ways.

The Animal Lovers

81. Dog/cat lover Pets are family members, include them in announcing your engagement.  Use chalk boards and other fun props to show that you are becoming one big loving family.

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82. Animal fanatic Head to the local party store and grab fun animal masks, or grab fun stuffed animals to use in the shoot, even dressing up like your favorite animals can be fun.

83. Aquarium Think of a shoot of the two of you in front of a huge wall sided 8 foot aquarium full of colorful fish.

84. Zoo A stroll among the animals and a ride on the bus touring the zoo together.

 Seasonal Style, Holidays can be fun

85. Decorate a tree If the holidays are your thing, head to the christmas tree farm and pick out a tree together than decorate it at home.

86. Pick a pumpkin Head to the pumpkin patch and grab a wheel barrel, choose your pumpkin and head home to carve it.

87. Halloween costume Do you both look forward to dressing up in couples costumes on halloween, why no dig out all of your all time favorite costumes and take photos in them all over town.

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88. Egg hunt Love easter time?  Dye eggs together, then go on an easter egg hunt in the yard.

89. Hearts of love Look forward toValentines day each year?  Dedicate an entire session to your love, make heart props like crazy, heart pancake breakfast, heart signs with how much you love each other on them, have fun with the heart theme, you can make it simple and sweet or cheese-astic!

90. Green Day If St. Patrick’s day is your fav, do a green themed session, maybe head to a bar for a toast to beer as well.

 Nerdy Love

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91. Library Love You may not like the all night study times you had there, but when it comes to taking romantic and sweet pictures in there, its awesome!

92. Video games Playing video games on a sunday morning in your PJ’s sound like your kind of lazy day.  Why not have your favorite breakfast cereal and play your favorite games together.

93. Computer Love to build them, use them or work on them, this could be a creative shoot.

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94. College/major Take photos are your alma matter that you first met at, go back to your favorite hang out spots, or take photos based on your unique majors you had.

95. Comic Store Comic stores can be fun and colorful places to shoot your engagement session as well.

Real Life

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96. Be Homebodies Is you favorite place to spend time together at home?  Why not do an engagement session hanging out at your comfy home or apartment doing what you like to do together.

97. Vegan/Veg If you are passionate about animal rights or the environment embrace it with eating at a veg restaurant or doing something unique.

98. Career related Embrace your career, both have the same profession, or a similar one, or does the profession of one person reflect your story well, rock it!

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99. US Military Proud of your fiance that serves our country?  Take photos celebrating and embracing how proud you are of them and how much you love them.

100.  Group Related Are you and your fiance a part of a unique group or club and want that to be a part of your session do it, that would be fun as well.

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