100 Unique and Fun Engagement Photo Ideas

Engagement sessions are my jam! It’s a chance have a great time and do something that’s totally unique and special to you as a couple… And it’s MY chance to get super out-of-the-box creative (which I’m sure any wedding photographer would love) and just go nuts!

So you may be thinking to yourself, “ok that’s wonderful and I want to explore the possibility of having a themed engagement session, but I have no idea what to do…” Well, here’s a list of 100 uniquely fun engagement session ideas! Some we’ve actually done and some we’ve only dreamed about, but all together a great list you should feel free to pull from if you’re lost on things to do with your insanely rad wedding photographer.

1. Put some furniture on the beach: Beaches can be boring, stick a couch or a cool chair out there!

2. Hang at your favorite park

3. Read books at the library or bookstore


4. Take a drive down the coast in a cool car (Of course stopping at a few different beaches)

5. Recreate your favorite album covers

6. Take a hike somewhere with a breathtaking view


7. Play basketball (write your date on the ball!)

8. Play baseball (stick your ring in some Cracker Jacks!)

9. Go to the arcade

10. Take it to the mall (everyone loves a goofy couple trying on hats and sharing an Orange Julius)

11. Become Art by recreating your favorite paintings

12. Goof off in a museum


13. Watch the fish in an aquarium (but avoid Sea World)

14. Go whale watching

15. Take a sail around the harbor

16. Fly a kite

17. Share a milkshake

18. Have a picnic

19. Climb a sand dune

20. Enjoy a s’more


21. Camp, camp, camp!

22. Mmmmmm doughnuts for a sunrise session would be awesome


23. COFFEE!! (cute things on the cups!)

24. Disneyland

25. Knotts Berry Farm

26. Can’t forget Six Flags!

27. Your local zoo

28. A public stable for the horse lovers

29. A simple stream makes for gorgeous stone skipping pics

30. Push each other in a swing

31. A visit to a lovely nursery

32. Enjoy the view from a tall building

33. Waltz

34. Go to a concert

35. Have a candle-lit dinner

36. Stroll along a pier


37. Bikerides are always cute (and with all kinds of cute bikes too!)

38. Fly a plane

39. Take a helicopter ride

40. Depending where you live, gondola ride yo!

41. Go surfing!

42. Go back to school


43. Recreate your proposal story

44. Have a BBQ!

45. Chuck-E-Cheese has ball pits, skeeball and creepy animatronic animals.. everything you need!

46. One word… Canoe

47. Go fishing (ring on the hook!)

48. Recreate your favorite love pun (“we’re like peanut butter and jelly”)

49. Can’t get married at your dream spot, have your engagement session there!

50. National parks make for pretty sweet backdrops

51. City skylines also make for pretty sweet backdrops


52. Is it snowing? Then use it!

53. Steampunk


54. Harry Potter

55. Zombie love

56. Go shopping for some vinyl

57. Take a dip in a cool fountain

58. Enjoy the flowers in a botanical garden

59. Rock climbing

60. Hanging out at home (Bake some heart-shaped cookies)

61. Fourth of July (Hello sparklers!)


62. Get carried away by a bouquet of balloons (but please avoid using the movie “Up,” so sad!)

63. Share a stack of flapjacks

64. Dog everything


65. You could even bring along your cat (but that’s a little weird)

66. Your favorite romantic movie can always be turned into a theme

67. Yarn bomb a tree

68. Make a box castle (you know, like when you were a kid with fridge boxes)

69. Play with some paint

70. Children’s chalk can be ground up and turned into paint bombs

71. Brewery love

72. Also wineries are cool

73. Waterfalls are pretty sweet

74. Train tracks are too (but be careful you don’t get busted)


75. Iconic bridges are great from the underside

76. Trampolines

77. Tree farms and orchards

78. Open fields at sunset

79. Old hotels


80. Skiing

81. Snowboarding

82. Comic book reading

83. Roller rinks!

84. Ice skating rinks too!

85. Play soccer (color a heart on one of the white checks and kiss behind the ball!)

86. Chuck a football around (touchdown has just enough “o”s for a ring shot!)

87. Haunted (or just really old and abandoned) house or barn 

88. Graffiti (maybe pick a spot where you wont get arrested)

89. Go shooting

90. My husband just suggested “murder a hobo”… but let’s just say “Dexter themed”

91. Nothing says “I love you” like thrifting and antiquing

92. Apple pick!

93. On the farm (so many hearts everywhere!)

94. The laundromat

95. Christmas!!!!


96. Halloween!!!!


97. Wildflower fields (March-May)

98. In a studio

99. Return to the spot where you met

100. In bed (with or without a crap ton of feathers or balloons to throw at each other)

Sadly, this list took me about 30 minutes to formulate… I have a TON of ideas for engagement sessions, it’s a thing I have going. When I get bored, I think of engagement sessions and white craftsman houses with red front doors… you know, priorities!

So if you ever want to pick my brain for ideas or schedule a session with me, please feel free to send me an email! I’m always here for you and I’ll make you look as amazing as your love.

I hope this finds all you lovebirds enjoying a happy week and a wonderful fresh engagement <3